July 31, 2014

Wikimania 2014

by John Jackson

Wikimania 2014 logoLooking forward to Wikimania 2014 – taking place in London very soon – August 8th-10th. For more details have a look at the programme. My new UAL colleague Dave White will also be presenting on Saturday 9th at 3 pm – definitely one to see!

April 7, 2014

Solstice 2014 at Edge Hill University

by John Jackson

Solstice 2014 at Edge Hill UniversityI am looking forward to attending and presenting at Solstice 2014 at Edge Hill University in June. For further information about Solstice 2014 have a look at the conference website. To see the slides and handouts from all Solstice presentations have a look at the presentation page; there is also a direct link to my presentation.

March 22, 2014

Creative Commons

by John Jackson

Creative CommonsI recently put together some slides for a discussion we had on UAL’s APP Open Education Practice (OEP) unit. This focussed on ‘Creative Commons’ licensing and showed examples of useful online resources and sites using ‘Creative Commons’ licensing – the examples link through to the live sites. The slides are available here. Absolutely essential reading on Creative Commons is John Casey’s “Creative Commons Licenses – are they right for you?” – which you can access at http://alto.arts.ac.uk/904/

January 14, 2014

UAL – Learning and Teaching Day

by John Jackson

UAL LogoI am looking forward to the UAL ‘Learning and Teaching Day’ tomorrow (15 January 2014) @ Chelsea College of Arts. Further information about this exciting, informative and enabling event is available on the event website. Update – the event has now happened – and the site now has been up-dated with excellent presentations and other resources!

November 12, 2013

Janet, Google Apps for Education and Universities

by John Jackson


Janet has recently announced a service to make it more straightforward for education establishments such as universities to sign up for Google Apps for Education. Further information is available from a recent Janet announcement.

August 8, 2013

Visual Rhetoric – a UAL / LSE Collaboration

by John Jackson

Visual Rhetoric logo

Visual Rhetoric is a collaboration between the LSE and UAL (LCC) with a recently designed and launched public presence available at www.visualrhetoric.ac.uk. This fascinating knowledge exchange project brings together designers and researchers from the social sciences, arts and humanities.

Here follows an  overview of the collaboration between the eLearning Teams of UAL (CLTAD) and LSE and the academic teams to provide additional resources to support this project. Continue reading

August 5, 2013

Electronic Management of Assessment – HeLF Forum

by John Jackson

HeLF logo

Towards the end of June I attended and presented at the ‘Heads of eLearning Forum’ – HeLF – ‘Electronic Management of Assessment’ (EMA) SIG Event held at the University of Brighton. It was a fascinating gathering, most attendees being senior ‘Learning Technologists’ and ‘Heads of eLearning’ from universities across the UK.
Continue reading

March 28, 2013

Online Assessment Feedback

by John Jackson

My Assessment feedback - logo

Together with Technical Developer Sat Anandhan, I have been involved in UAL’s Online Assessment Tool (‘OAT’) project since its inception.

OAT is an online assessment grading and feedback tool developed to support the delivery of high quality and timely assessment feedback to students throughout the university. Continue reading

March 24, 2013

Openshot – why it’s worth funding.

by John Jackson
Openshot logo


Putting my money where my mouth is, I’ve just pledged funding for the Openshot project via Kickstarter.

Why have I done this?

Openshot is an excellent free video editing program currently available for Linux platforms – and I have recently started to use Linux in the form of Linux Mint on a couple of laptops. However, I also use Windows and Mac systems too.

Openshot intend to make their program available for Windows and Mac platforms too Continue reading


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